How do I schedule a trial lesson with a teacher?

This article explains the process of scheduling lessons with teachers using the Musiprof platform.

      -> all scheduling occurs outside of the Musiprof platform between the student and teacher.
  • Scheduling Option 1: Go ahead and purchase a trial lesson with the teacher of your choice. Once the order goes through, your teacher will contact you by phone or email to schedule the lesson.

*Note that if a teacher is listed on the website, this means that they have several availabilities either during the week or on weekends. In the off chance that you are unable to find a common time with your teacher, your lesson will be refunded in full.

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  • Scheduling Option 2: If you prefer to contact the teacher first before purchasing a trial, simply click on the "ask a teacher a question" button on the teachers profile page. Fill out the form and list your availabilities in the message box.  The teacher will reach out to you and let you know if they have availabilities that are compatible with yours.